Cold Creek Vineyards

If you’re a fan of craft ciders, I think you’re going to enjoy this post!

On our recent Prince Edward County trip, we had the chance to visit Cold Creek Vineyards, a farmhouse-style cidery and winery in Hillier. Owners Chris and Silvia purchased the property in 2007, at which time it was home only to a dilapidated 19th century dairy barn and several acres of unplanted land. They recognized the potential of the land’s rich limestone soil – which is perfect for producing Burgundies such as Pinot Noir – and planted their own vineyard. They got their start selling grapes to Closson Chase, one of the County’s oldest and most iconic wineries. They also fully restored the original barn and planted several apple trees, something that would fuel their next passion project: cider! Chris and Silvia opened their cidery in 2020, and they welcome visitors to their tasting bar and bottle shop on Saturdays and Sundays.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a friendly barn cat… and by Chris, who quickly set us up at one of the outdoor tables and started pouring cider samples. The outdoor tasting bar is absolutely gorgeous, with rustic tables and a picturesque view of the vineyards. You can also do a tasting inside the Cider House, which houses their bottle shop.

We tasted four different ciders: their ‘flagship’ Cuvee Madeline, Hera’s Sacred Tree, Eirinn Go Brach, and Niles Corners Scrumpy (I love the names!) When you think of cider, do you immediately imagine a distinct taste – something sweet and bubbly, like a sparkling apple juice? I know I do… or did, until I tasted these ciders! Until I tried all four varieties side by side, I hadn’t realized how distinct and complex ciders could be – they were SO different from one another. It was eye-opening, and I definitely feel like I have a stronger appreciation for ciders now. We enjoyed them all, but my personal favourite was Hera’s Sacred Tree, which is crisp and fruity with just a hint of sweetness.

After our tasting, we took a peek inside the restored barn, which was rustic and quirky, with eclectic d├ęcor – looks like a fun space to host an event!

Cold Creek ciders are only available directly through their bottle shop, so you’ll have to pay them an in-person visit if you’re interested in sampling their delicious offerings! Ontario craft cider fans: do you know any other great cideries or cider brands I should add to my list? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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  1. Such amazingly beautiful surroundings for your tasting!


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