Slake Brewing

I hope everyone had a relaxing Labour Day weekend before getting ‘back to the grind’ this week! I’m gearing up for a particularly busy September. I’ve got a lot on the agenda at work, with a photo and video shoot for our partners coming up in a couple of days, a conference in Winnipeg next week that I’ll be flying out to attend, and a general increased sense of urgency as we strive to surpass our 2022 sales targets and close out the year strong! I’m also back to school this week (I’m getting a graduate certificate in Marketing Management through a part-time online program at Fanshawe College) so my classes started back up again yesterday. I’ve got a few social media partnerships that I’m working on, Tania and I are continuing to work on the new house, and I’m trying to get out for more morning runs in preparation for a 5K I signed up for later this fall. We’ve also got a lot going on personally/socially this month with weddings and other engagements to attend, and a couple of trips (one local and one in the States) on the horizon. All wonderful and exciting things, but life sure feels hectic these days! I know this is a busy time of year for most people, so if you’re reading this and nodding along, I hope that you’re managing, and remembering to take time out for yourself! That’s why I love this blog – it’s an excuse for me to take a few minutes out of the day for myself, and write about things I enjoy.

This week, I’ve got some more Prince Edward County content for y’all! I hope you enjoyed my latest post about The County Cider Company, a Waupoos cidery and restaurant with a fabulous view (if you missed it, check it out here!) Today, I’m sharing yet another spot with an amazing view: Slake Brewing. Slake is one of Prince Edward County’s newest breweries – they opened to the public in the fall of 2020 – but they’ve already made a splash with tourists and locals alike. It’s arguably one of the most popular breweries in The County today! Owners Greg Landucci and Eric Portelance produce a variety of barrel-aged, mixed fermentation beers, ales and lagers using exclusively Ontario malt. And as I mentioned above, Slake is just as famous for their views as for their brews: their brewery is housed in a stunning contemporary building built into a limestone hill, which offers visitors panoramic views of the countryside.

We visited Slake in the early evening, which I highly recommend. It was an overcast day, but even still, the setting sun peeking through the clouds at “golden hour” provided a warm and beautiful ambiance. (If you’re looking for a picturesque spot to watch the sunset, this is it!) Because Slake is located at the top of a hill, it’s a bit of a drive to get up there – but a beautifully scenic one. Once you park, you take a gravel path past some pretty wildflower fields before reaching the brewery.

I love the sleek, modernist building by Branch Architecture. The minimal design allows the vast countryside views to take center stage, and is complemented by fun, playful details like the cheery yellow siding and piles of firewood stacked by the main entrance.

Slake’s interior is just as impressive: picnic tables and wall-to-wall windows give the feeling of bringing the outdoors in. I love their palette of forest green, vibrant pink and pale yellow. The walls are adorned in quirky, scribble-like graphics that are part of the brewery’s branding (and also adorn their beer cans.)

The pricing varies by beer, but in general, you can expect to pay $6 for a 250ml pour or $9 for a 400ml pour. From lagers to pale ales to IPAs, there’s truly a beer for everyone! Slake also serves sparkling iced tea as a non-alcoholic option. I ordered the Super Sunset, a fruity pale ale, and Tania enjoyed the Twist, a citrusy and hoppy lager. While we were deciding on which beers to order, the bartender kindly poured us small samples of some of the beers (at no charge) so we could decide which ones we liked best. I love it when places are nice enough to offer this; that way you know you’ll end up with a drink you love!

It was a gorgeous warm evening, so we took our beers out to one of the several picnic tables scattered around the hill. The view was stunning, and the atmosphere quiet and peaceful – except for the occasional crowing of roosters at a nearby farm! The outdoor seating area also comes equipped with fire pits to keep patrons warm on chilly evenings, and lawn games to entertain kids and adults alike. If you’re in the mood for food, they serve hot dogs (beef and veggie) and potato chips, and also host pop-ups featuring local chefs and restaurants – click here for a list of upcoming events.

Slake Brewing is truly a one-of-a-kind place, and I highly recommend you stop by for a visit if you’re ever in the area – and even if you’re not, I promise it’s well worth the drive. If it’s simply too far out of your way, you’ll be happy to know that you can purchase Slake beers through the LCBO – views not included.

Hope you all have a great week and a successful start to September!

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