Every year around the holidays, Toronto plays host to a plethora of seasonally themed pop-ups, parties, installations and various other events. Each time I think I’ve seen it all, the next year brings a ton of brand new events to choose from!

I love a good Halloween-themed event, but I have to admit that I’m not one for scary affairs. You’d never find me at Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt, for example! It’s ironic because I’m a big fan of horror movies and love reading ghost stories – I’ve even been known to listen to a paranormal podcast or two – but the idea of getting jump-scared by a guy in a killer clown outfit? Nope, just not my thing! Luckily, there are lots of fun events out there if you want to experience some Halloween-themed fun without the horror! One of these events is a brand new pop-up called Pumpkinville.

Pumpkinville is a fun fall experience that features life-size pumpkin houses, sculptures and art installations, all made from 30,000 real pumpkins! From September 30 until October 31, they’re taking over one of the parking lots at Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke, and have completely transformed it into a pumpkin-lover’s paradise.

Upon entering Pumpkinville, we were amazed to see all of the enormous, whimsical sculptures that had been created by local artists. My personal favourites were the butterfly, snail and frog prince!

There are also three different houses you can walk through, made entirely out of pumpkins.

If you’re an Instagrammer or if you just love taking photos, Pumpkinville’s got you covered. There were so many cute installations and fun photo opportunities to take advantage of.

In addition to the various pumpkin and fall-themed installations, there’s a pumpkin carving station, midway rides and games, food trucks and a licensed bar. There were people in costume standing around and handing out candy bars, which was a fun touch! You can also purchase your own pumpkin or gourd to take home.

I was content just to experience the cute and silly side of Pumpkinville, but if you’re into the spooky stuff, you can do that too. Open Thursdays to Sundays from sundown to 11 pm, Halloween Nights of Lights is located in the same lot as Pumpkinville, and a Night of Lights ticket includes access to both events.

If you’re looking for a whimsical and Instagram-worthy fall experience without leaving the city, you’ll definitely want to check out Pumpkinville before it closes for the season on October 31! Pumpkinville is open Thursday-Friday from 5-11 pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 12 noon-11 pm. Admission is $12 a person and tickets can (and should) be purchased in advance online – this event is popular and sells out quick!

The next thing I’m looking forward to is all the fun Christmas events and pop-ups that’ll be arriving so soon! I know, I know, it’s a little early…but if there’s anything I love more than fall, it’s Christmas.

Have you attended any fun seasonal events this year?

3 responses to “Pumpkinville”

  1. One word – pumpkintastic!

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  2. I lived in Southern Ontario for half of my life and have never heard of this! Your photos are so bright, cheerful and whimsical.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment!


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