Lochland Botanicals

If you enjoy beautiful flowers, photo-worthy moments and unique experiences, you are going to LOVE this latest find of mine!

Lochland Botanicals is a pick-your-own flower and herb farm in Milton. The 50+ acre property is home to almost 150 species of herbs and flowers; they also have a boutique shop and various photo-worthy installations around the farm. Visitors can either purchase a General Admission ticket for $15 – which allows you to wander and explore the property at your leisure – or upgrade to a Build-A-Bouquet ticket for an additional $15, which includes a bouquet to take home. Tania and I only wanted one bouquet, so we purchased one General Admission ticket and one Build-A-Bouquet ticket. Upon arrival, we were greeted by this intriguing sign…

…and by one of the very kind staffers, who gave us a great introduction and explained the best way to navigate the farm. She gave us a water-filled mason jar and a pair of scissors, and off we went!

The nice thing about this farm is that there are so many different flowers in bloom at any given time, and you’re free to pick whatever you’d like. Tania and I are hardly experts in the art of flower arranging, but with so many beautiful colours, shapes and sizes of flowers to choose from, it’s impossible not to create a gorgeous bouquet!

We visited the farm in late July, when the lavender fields were in bloom. They were stunning, and the smell was heavenly! If you visit now, you’ll be treated to vibrant sunflowers. The farm’s Instagram page is the best place for updates on what’s in bloom at any given time.

Lochland Botanicals isn’t just all about flowers. The farm is filled with some fun installations that make for great photo moments, such as their famous “Big Pink Swing” and a forested area with hanging frames to pose with. There are signs everywhere to help you navigate the expansive property, and there’s also a tractor that offers free wagon rides around the farm.

Before heading out, we stopped into the boutique shop to browse their products and sample their tasty lavender lemonade.

We had the loveliest time at Lochland Botanicals. Not only was it a fun day out in nature, but the fact that we got a beautiful custom bouquet to take home as a souvenir of our day was the icing on the cake! It was the perfect thing to brighten up my home office.

Be sure to check out my Instagram reel of the experience here, and if you’d like to purchase your own tickets to the farm, you can do so here (in addition to the classic PYO experience, this page also offers tickets to the various events and workshops hosted on the farm.)

My best tip for visiting Lochland Botanicals is to arrive early! They are only open on weekends from 10am-2pm. We arrived just after 12:30, having gone for lunch in the area beforehand. While we still had enough time to experience the farm and pick our bouquet, I wish we’d come earlier and given ourselves some more time to wander! There really was so much to see. I’d recommend leaving yourself at least 2 hours to explore and get the full experience. Because they’re only open in the middle of the day, it can get quite hot, so be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat, and bring water with you to stay hydrated.

As sunflowers are currently in bloom, now would be a great time to visit Lochland Botanicals! If you have the chance to check it out, please let me know about your experience by commenting or sending me an email. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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  1. Looks like another incredible find! I like the idea of the Lavender lemonade and also the Farm-grown teas (in the photo)

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